The Story: Staircase’s 1st Step.

Mark Twain said ‘there are those who would misteach us that to stick in a rut is consistency– and a virtue, and that to climb out of the rut is inconsistency–and a vice.

I served my Country, Nigeria, as a corps member in the 1-year compulsory National Youth Service after graduating from the University, at Government Secondary School in a small village called Korinya City, konshisha local government, Benue State.

My primary job description was to teach Biology. As days greeted the nights each day and vice versa, my interactions with the host community made me realise an avalanche of untapped natural resources by chock-full ignorant human resources… being rich looks strange, poverty is embraced as the normal status quo.

According to friedrich Nietzche, ‘he who will learn to fly one day, must first learn to stand, walk, run, climb and dance; one can’t fly into flying’. Then, I kept thinking, ruminating, imagining and talking to myself what to do with my brains and my $125 monthly stipend.

As my birthday approached, the usual ‘how to celebrate it’ question dangled and skated through my mind, then the still small voice echoed, ‘Change their little into something fat’. Really? Lets take a target shot, I reasoned.

With exuberant ecstacy, I summoned a corps member conclave in my school which comprised Ugwoke Faith(a biochemist),Owoeye Adeyinka(an elect-elect engineer), Asevameh Clementina(a linguist), Gbenenu Clement(a manager), Kanayochukwu Kind(an agric economist) and me ofcourse, Fasoranti Damilola(a teacher)– oh, what a terrific team to work with.

In hundred hours, a schematic & structured program came up with 2 sections– A talk and skill acquisition sections. We designed the program to influence the students to think out of the poverty box of genetic, psychic & environmental determinism, to rescript & redesign all autoscripting & background autobiographies.

The talk session was divided into 5 parts
-Use what you have to get what you want
-Action Plans
-Read your way to Success(Bring back the books)
-Market Strategies & flows
-Emotional Buying.
The skill acquisition session was divided into 3 parts
-Soap making
-Electrical troubleshooting
-how to make chinchin, puff puff, buns & zobo drinks.

4th & 5th, October 2013 kickstarted the first Edition of CLIMB with 250+ students in attendance. Just $50 was used for the program(refreshment inclusive).

CLIMB says the runt will become a great tribe & the weakling a strong nation.
So lets buck up and reestablish our innate fortunes as we Change little into Megabucks. Enjoy the Ride.

2 thoughts on “The Story: Staircase’s 1st Step.

  1. That’s great bro.Impacting the world in order to make people see from anothe angle of elevation which will benefit them to see more of hope in the future than to be stagnant and remain at mediocre equilibrium due to the mental design of their environment and their parents.


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