CLIMB: What the trees know about you

Start from the scratch, and keep scratching… the juice will come!

An old man, through his casement yawned, yoo-hoo! ‘My life is going fast like a ship under full sail, like an eagle plummeting to its prey, why are we all adrift in the same boat, too few days, too many troubles, we spring up like wildflowers in the desert and then wilt, transient as the shadow of a cloud?’

A young boy cycling by, answered, oh yeah! Body and soul, that’s it for us–a lifetime of pain, a lifetime of sorrow, infact, there’s nothing much to us to start with, how are we expected to amount to anything?

The trees across the road laughed itself out , looking straight into the eyes of the the old man and the young boy and said…

Ease up! Grey-haired, please Ease up!
Young chap, Ease up too!
Please, let us take you through a thinking terrain and tan your minds to terrace of ideas.

I believe you are aware that in the days of yore and even till now, we have been one of human’s vocal point of destruction, you have converted us into many forms, and used us in countless ways, yes, as fuel, toilet tissue, mortal & pestle, pencil, doors etc, to name a few.

Each day you make us sick without providing free medical services, instead of giving us clothes at christmas as charity, your visit is always to tear us naked. Truly, we’r too frail to boost of a tommorrow.

But at this juncture, we have to echo our next lines, and this is it: Oh man, no matter how much you chop us down now or later, we still have a chance to survive, yeah, we always have gleams of hope, its all about our roots putting out fresh sprouts, though our roots get old or still new, tender or gnarled with stumps long dormant, we are certain that at the first whiff of water, we always come to life, bud and grow like a sapling, our mighty pines grow tall and our luscious tomatoes flourish.

Don’t you pity us, but PITY (Preach It To Yourself) you because we don’t need your $billion to survive neither does your murmuring build us up. Actually, we’v taken our own fortunes into our hands, we’v started our own business with little, infact without a cent, our ingenious idea of tapping the free and limitless solar energy makes our world rock and your life blossom. At every ray of light, we spread our wings in a chorus, we boom and invade the gardens, we overtake the flowers and get a foothold even in the rocks.

Oh my Goossh, the young boy’s mind panting and racing endlessly found a word to utter, dear photosynthetic autotrophs, so what can I do? How can I start a business now? What can I do to enjoy a better life? I don’t have any resource… My parents are richly poor, i have no clue…

All the trees in ecstatic applause blurted out all at once, aaahhhaaa, you don’t seem to get a glimpse on this, aint you aware of your divine inheritance of those nitro-glycerine-like qualities of inspiration bank in you? Infact, you possess an entrepreneurial spirit, a passion that–if unleashed now–can inspire others to act, a talent that–if developed–can innovate opportunities for you, your clan and the entire community, an idea that–if cultivated–can build a safer, healthier, prosperous and peaceful sphere for the world.

Why not just enter that quiet zone of aloneness, dig up those ideas, chisel out that vision, write out that mission, attract those ‘virtual grays’ and take the ride–the action. Remember that what lies behind and before us are small matter compared to what lies within us.

Keep CLIMB(Changing little into Megabucks) alive

11 thoughts on “CLIMB: What the trees know about you

  1. Great..this is great! All I could say is: may God continue to bless the brain-bank in which these come from; may He continue to bless the hand that writes them–because they are really tickling, makes goosebumps form in all parts of my body; inspiring.

    I love your mode of writing..and thinking.


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