Don’t bury the chicken Alive.

Don't bury the Chicken Alive

Don’t bury the Chicken Alive

I remember, its more than 300days now when She sobbed, blurted out loudly and kept ranting…

‘Oh my gosh!!! aaargghh, people are just hell bunch of trash (forgetting she’s a person too), men are really embodied fuck-ups, human being, hmmmm… their behaviours daunts me’.

As her voice undulated and her glottis quaked, she continued, ‘people have so much toiled with my emotions and humble intentions, I have been battered by friends and tattered by foes, and my conclusion is that nobody can be trusted, I don’t trust me either.’

I sat quietly, entering my ‘world of aloneness’, forth and back, true or false?

I agree that to influence the conclusive thought of my friend will be great work.
Present new evidences for a paradigm shift? Quite easy-said-than-done.

She had completely logged out of making new friends and never to login. Keeping old ones was no longer necessary. Love, to her can never be real, affection is only a mirage. Other people’s pain or reign wouldn’t move her an inch, mess is just everywhere. Here is simply a soup of nothingness, inky blackness and bottomless emptiness.

Doucement, Doucement, I placed my head on the headrest of the chair caught up in candid chunks of thoughts…

To completely zip up our minds with buried-alive hurts, might be as dangerous as an blocking our lives from love. I strongly believe that our minds which is full of limitless imaginations and capable of producing countless possibilities is supposed to be challenged towards fruitful paths. The mind is an engine that remotely controls the decisions we desire.

I humbly asked my friend, Is every man made up of a bad iota? Of course, yeah! She swiftly said.
Then, that means everyman also has an element of goodness? Hmmm… She wouldn’t respond.

Now, to see into the ideal, we tried juxtaposing the bad and the good.

I think a wicked man can also hate another wicked man, because each of them are competitors in wickedness, so one find means to exterminate the other.
Also, a wicked man hates a good man because they are knives for Christmas chicken.
So, who then does a wicked man love? At least, he imperfectly loves himself perfectly.

But, why are we all placed together, in streets, in cities, in countries, in continents, in a globe? By nature or by chance?
I could have been placed alone in a special bush external from any outside world, I think there must have been an ingenious reason for this compulsory interconnectedness and I submit that it must be embraced.

The fault of one doesn’t mean the fault of all, misbehaviour in that man should inform you of a dynamic exhibit of thoughts, attitudes, likes, motives, values etc. There are several aspects of the homo sapiens that you have to practically learn, so as to be coached to handle similar situations better next time. Bury the dead chicken.

That you woke up on the wrong side this morning doesn’t stop you from picking the sleep ticket for tonight. Though, you were badly hurt and it seems you aint gonna ever heal, that’s only a mindset, the pain can go, even if you allow the scars to remain. Embrace ‘another chance’ hamper! Bury the dead chicken.

Another chance to smile, to learn, to heal, to climb, to act wisely, to understand people dynamics. Pleeeaaassseee bury the dead chicken.

In fact, as much as we hurt nature’s heart, yet, with joyful tears it keeps replenishing, regrowing and remaining active.

So, everyone needs everyone,
The teacher needs the students and vice versa,
The government (we) need the citizens (ourselves),
The priest needs worshipers and vice versa,
God needs us, we need Him too.

Always remember to Keep CLIMB (Changing Little Into MegaBuks) alive.
Happy Christmas in advance.