Wisdom Where Are You?

But where, oh where will I find Wisdom?
Where does Insight hide?
Mortals don’t have a clue, no faint idea where to look,
Earth’s depth confess, it’s not here,
Ocean’s deep echo, never heard of it,
It can’t be bought with the finest glitering gold,
No amount of silver can get it,
Even famous Ophir gold would dare bargain it,
Not even dear diamonds and sapphires,
Neither rubies nor emeralds are comparable,
Extravagant jewelry can’t touch it
Pearl necklasses and bronze bracelets–why bother?
None of these is even a down payment on Wisdom!

So where does Wisdom come from?
And where does Insight abode?
It can’t be found by looking, no matter how deep you dig,
No matter how high you fly,
If you search through the graveyard, and question the dead,
They’d said, we’v only heard rumours of it.

Providence (what men call that inner conviction of the existence of a superior power, which is revealed in the incomprehensible universe) alone knows the exact alleyway to find it,
After He commanded the winds to blow,
And measured out the waters,
Arranged for rain and set off explosioms of lightning and thunder,
He concentrated on Wisdom,
He made sure it was all set and tested and ready
Then He addressed the human race: HERE IT IS!

Fear-of-the-Lord, that’s Wisdom
Insight means shunning Evil.

So As we keep CLIMB(Change Little Into MegaBucks) alive this season, lets live wisely and Wisdom will permeate our entirety.

Merry Christmas In Advance My Cherished Friends. Cheers.

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