Do you desire to be a Giant or an Ant?

This cinch kind of question is not cringe-worthy nor do you need to punch it into the google search box to answer, I believe.

In our popular and famous world of ‘think big’ and ‘think outside the box’, these phrases sometimes seem overused and overvalued. I observed that ‘toddlers’ on this thinking territory pathway knock off their toes everytime they really love to practise the walk.

I believe the young elephants weren’t born large nor any human formed outside of a wombsac or incubator. Infact, there is a paramount need for a ‘smallness’ in an ‘inside’ to become ‘greatness’ on the ‘outside’.

…and I am here to demystify the grandiloquent mystery behind the importance of the smallness in your inside, the need for inside-box thoughts and why its good being an ant instead of a confused giant.

Many of us are unaware of that epiglottis behind our tongue that flaps down to prevent food and drink from entering our lungs, though, most of us usually eat and talk simultaneously, yet, the epiglottis has been faithful to the description on its signpost. Our so-called big life challenges has made us thankfully crippled even for the constantly replenished saliva in our mouth.

As much as we have to think outside the box, I also think there are pertinent issues within the box that must be solved, shuffled, trashed and rashed. For instance, how do you improve your social relationship lifestyle without first, understanding and resolving the inside-of-the-box relationship conflicts? I bet has numerous answers that you can swot through in 100 days.

As much as I am TalkActive in teaching Illimitabilty (borderless limits & limitless borders), my humble answer to the question above is, PLEASE SIMPLY BE AN ANT!

Be an ant??? That must be over my lifless coffin, you say. But realise this, most times, your definitions are the results you get.

Maybe you define ANTS as ‘Autogenous Negative Thinking Syndrome’, indeed, so shall it be. Amen. But, I prefer to define ANTS as ‘Adding New Terrains Symbiotically.’

How could that possibly be? Watchout for the Part 2 of BE AN ANT.

Till then, Keep CLIMB (Changing Little Into MegaBucks) Alive.

PS: Happy Birthday to my cherished Queen and priceless Gold, My Mum, Mrs Fasoranti Funmi.