Like I wrote in Part 1, instead of defining ANTS as Autogenous Negative Thinking Syndrome, I rather defined mine as Adding New Terrains Symbiotically.

Please be an antDo you know that…

1. Ants are capable of carrying objects 50times their own body weight with their mandibles.

How?? How will that small insect carry objects 50times its body size? In fact, the ants don’t go around whining and whinging about its stature, rather it understood its inner potential and translated it into outward vats of possibilities.

I love to shoot this cork of challenge through your core that, if you have a vision, a project, a business idea or innovation that is not at least 50% beyond you, then you must be smaller in size and mind than the ants.

2. Certain ant species defend plants in exchange for food and shelter.

If the ants know so well about charter and synergistic association, I believe our lives, our businesses and firms must defend the cause of those we are competing with, to be able to create new terrains.

3. Ants lived alongside the dinosaurs more than 130 million years ago.

Really? Yeah, Scientist confirmed. Know that though some of those dinosaurs (fossil reptile) were the largest known land animals, yet they are all now extinct, is it not strange then that this frail and feeble ants made a plan (of yet unborn generations) on paper that still keeps running even after 130 million years?

My dear Reader, can you please show me one of your plans that can run for atleast 10% of 130 million years? Won’t you please be an ant now?

4. Ants started farming long before humans.

Leafcutter ants (an example of fungus gardener) began their agricultural ventures about 50 million years before human thought to raise their own crops.

Can we please stop complaining about the bad and corrupt government? For democracy says you and I are the government. Please, don’t expect what might never happen, start that business, complete that write-up, feed that hungry soul, bring up that innovation, I am interested and waiting to see your exploits turn around our world.

5. Some ants form ‘super-colonies’, massive communities of ants that can stretch for thousand of miles. In fact, individual colonies that make up a super-colony often freely exchange workers and queens and the largest super-colonies extend over 2.5 contain 45,000 interconnected nests, over 300 million workers and more than 1 million queens.

Whao! You must be kidding me? No, not at all, I am ‘adulting’ you and challenging you to be an ant and attract more ants and more ants. Stop hoarding that idea you’ve got, choose out brains that are willing to Add New Terrains too, join Symbiotically to them and Start making boundless Strides.

What do you think?

The Concluding Part of ‘Please Be An Ant’ will be out Soon. Till I see You at the top and remain there, I won’t Rest.

Remember to keep CLIMB (Changing Little Into MegaBuks) Alive and have a terrific 2014.

Photo Credit: BuzzQuotes

13 thoughts on “PLEASE BE AN ANT – PART 2

  1. This is powerful and thought-provoking. I’m greatly inspired not only by the piece itself but also by contemplating the depth of meditation and research that must have gone into it. Have you considered turning it into a book? More grace bro.


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