Back to my first line in Part 1 ( I asked, Do you desire to be an ant or a giant?
Part 2 ( has also dramatically showed us that ants can make boundless strides depending on our definition, perspectives and understanding.

Friends, we have summed up lines upon lines that we shall do best by filling our minds and meditating only on things reputable, noble, true, compelling, authentic, gracious–the best, not the worst; the beautiful, not the ugly; things to praise, not things to curse; adding new terrains in the most excellent harmonies.

Fash, please, do you now mean that we should remain being an ant all the likely 35,000 days of our lives? After we’v added multiple new terrains, aint we going to need expanding and enlarging our nests? Well, the fact is that, even when we reach our highest peak, we should conquer it and even explore our deepest dug wells. We have to decide that we are here now to die completely empty, not to leave the global citizens helpless, nor our unborn generations bewildered, confused, drooping like unwatered plants and stunted like withered seedlings.

Raph Waldo said, ‘want is a growing giant whom the coat of have was never large enough to cover’.

I challenge you today: if my plea with you to be an ant has received your worthy endorsement, then its time to climb up!
C-L-I-M-B U-P??? Yes, Infact your optical nerves got the correct impulse and your pinna didn’t miss a letter.

Climb up? Against all the illusions, fantasy and empty talks everywhere? With the poor kicked around, justice and right violated? With exploitations filtering down from street beggars, likewise officials in different parastatals? Yet you talk about climbing up? Eehhee…

Before the womb of my mum bid me goodbye forever, the mother of my siblings which is the only wife of my dad introduced me to someone, a friend, with an unknown age. He is the only She and She is the only He.

While I questioned the husband of my mum, why should I be born now? My friend swiftly responded, because you are one in many billions, how? For billion sperm cells fought and struggled for that single egg to form your zygote. Infact, that day, I smiled loudly and kicked in the womb. He said, I have to come now because there is an urgent need to turn some ants into Giants.

Gently and softly, words from a tender heart got the attention of my ears, fashdami, I am your friend, the ‘G’ who adds illimitability to your ‘i’ that turns ants to Giants.
G + i + ants = Giants.
God in/with/through me is why i can add new terrains symbiotically.

Dear* Reader, my friend extends His hands to you too, because all your members are already documented in His books, He didn’t just count the hairs in your head, but each of it has specific number. Receive Him and as we add new terrains symbiotically, we blossom and keep blossoming.

Keep CLIMB (Changing Little Into MegaBucks) alive and have a terrific week ahead.

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