My dear* pearly pretty little lass,

Before your vision dims and your rollicking world blurs,
Before things grind to an halt and the sweet voices of the humming birds fade away,
Before the playback thrills of a reel-to-reel tape recorder stops,
Before the keel end of your nose no longer detects a reek,

Before you feel out of even for a high-heel,
Before you peen and peel off the peak horizons of hide and seek or ‘boju boju’,
Before you forget yourself on the toilet cover, though your roon has been fragranced with aloes,
Before you agree that the seemingly lack of money is a stopper instead of a pusher into your lofty heights,

Before you kick and rip your frustrations at the rich neighbour forgetting that the treasure wealth to our world, even the world to come, wells up on your inside,
Before you exchange your moon for afternoons and the sun for midnights,
Before you forget that each day is the cutest brand new day that ever existed or will exist,

Before you get depressed on your troubled home or children, though they are the best you couldn’t select or choose,
Before you treat that restaurant waiter with contempt and the taxi driver rashly, though you pretend to be good to your lover, forgetting that one same hand creatively molded all of us into form,

Before you breathe lies through your mouth and listen through your legs,
Please, remember, my dear* girl to take stocks (weigh, count and measure),
Examine and Arrange,
Talitha cumi–Little girl, get up!

Dedicated to all girls, ladies and women who believe in the gold chest within them. I patiently await your exploits.

…and keep CLIMB (Changing Little Into MegaBucks) alive.


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