Nurtured Culture

Our fathers taught us the culture and how it relates to nature,
With ancient pictures, they explained with all pleasure,
In fact it was more than a treasure,

The culture featured;
-investment (mental, family, spiritual, health, business, relationship) structures
– and moral fixtures as well,

But then, it was still immature and they told us that it will soon mature,
For it is our future,

That future, some of us now torture,
…no innovations, no SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Time-Bound) plans, no actions, no more searching and researching, no creative thinking, Oh, please WHY?

All we now have is fractures in our infrastructures,

Can we please awake and venture into some CLIMB (Changing Little Into MegaBucks)?
Can we please turn our transparent plastic bottles into light bulbs?
Can we please package our vegetables, garri and groundnut cake (kulikuli) for exports?
Can we please make exotic cakes from rice grains and electric energy from our urine?
Can we please cook our foods and power our laptops with our faeces?

For now and in the future, we want to embrace our innovative culture,
We will never miss its departure,
But rather, nurture our gestures of greatness.

Keep CLIMB Alive.
Cheers 🙂 and Much Love.

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