Fooled by stopwatches? Eh…

Yesterday ended last night and today began this morning,
Sweet tongues of the sun gradually lick off the darkness,
The birds in melodic harmony sings in the rooftops,
Life to death and death to life,
The CLOCK sometimes gets lazy and stops rotating its hands,
Yet I wonder why TIME never gets tired or weak,
And stays long enough for anyone that will invest it wisely,

No matter how much you stab TIME,
No matter how wasteful you use it,
No matter how much you digest corrupt information with it,
No matter how much we hope and think it will stop someday,

Though we are so uneducated to CLIMB,
Though we fail to understand that every passing second is an opportunity of a lifetime,
And that it takes principles and practice to invest within the lifetime of an opportunity,

Please Know this:
Every new day is completely brand new; every minute is equally new,
For no man ever experienced it nor can anyone reverse the hands of TIME,
Each second contain armloads of benefits to put bright smiles on someone’s face,

We have stopped the CLOCK severally while the TIME tirelessly ticks,
TIME dare not put us in a rush, never!
For the future is as eagerly patient as to only give us one day at a time,

Yet, we possess the ability to touch 1000 years down our lives–by VISIONS and Effective SYSTEMS.
We can employ TIME to develop ourselves by easily gaining what our fathers laboured for,
So that when posterity is here, they too can embrace the edifice we have built by the small bricks we are laying now.

Hey folks, lets keep up and keep going,
And always remember to keep CLIMB (Changing Little Into MegaBucks).
Cheers and much Love.

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