Weekend Gleanings

Recently, I have been working closely with a nomadic community in kwara State (Nigeria, West Africa), ensuring that the ‘Education for All’ is a reality. As I journey through the minutes of each day, I have been priviledged to touch and see wealth in its crude and unprocessed form. Within few hours, guided knowlegde of passion began to scream within me, tears of joy cushioned my hope for a better Nigeria and a livable world.

For one thing, there is no electricity nor mansions, yet seeing happy people and love beings in huts and sheds is noteworthy. The Leaders of the town said, ‘We eat very fresh food always’, whether true or false, who cares? But I can confess that I have eaten more cheese in 2 weeks than I have eaten in the past 10 years and atleast, I have also taken fresh organic cow milk which I am not certain I took on my naming ceremony.

The wealth I have touched and seen for now include:
i. Urine (as mobile dispensary and therapy helpful in cancer, diabetes, constipation etc.)
ii. Milk (cheese, yogurt, butter, ice-cream)
iii. Dung (biogas, fertilizers etc.)
iv. Skin (Rug, Cushion, bags, shoes etc)
Cassava (Ateke, fufu, bread, chips etc)

I began to think how easy it is to know and be known because you vegetate from inside a village, how effortless it is to creatively turn crude realities into better means of livelihood.

Yeah, we always think highly of those who rise rapidly in the world, forgetting that dust, straw and feather rise quicker. Every beautiful speech and poem is simply made up of many ‘AaBbCcDc’– letters, becoming words, then phrases, then sentences et cetera.

Lets go back to the drawing board of creating much from every little or we will just keep failing backward and backward.
If you will peep, do it from bottom to top.
If the nation will become better, it starts with every family, it begins with YOU.

Do have a great weekend and remember to always keep CLIMB (Changing Little Into MegaBucks) Alive.
Cheers and Much Love.

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