VSO ICS Volunteerism: A 30-day Journey of Guided Learning.

The air we breath doesn’t get a pay cheque from us neither does the sun receive allowances.
How then have they survived centuries and many generations?
I presume they understand the power of selfless giving and volunteering.

Perhaps you have searched high and low, scanned skies and lands, yet found nothing close to creativity,
You have been faced with conquest in your quest for ingenuity,
And always dreaming of an opportunity to imprint indelible marks of fortune upon untapped soils,

In my 30 days of Volunteering for the VSO-ICS Nigeria (Voluntary Service Overseas) education project,

I have found myself face-à-face with people of adept abilities, benign brains and cute capabilities,
Where every strand of white and black hair weave into interspecific synergy,
Working closely with folks bestowed with special ropes to grasp on reality,
And Like conjugal rings in our hands, we jealously walk the journey of guided learning,

Innovations become share and share alike, really, its a good time of life,
I see ‘Value’ etched on the chambers of every heart,
What a cohesive group dynamics!

As prospectors panning for gold and like adventurers on a treasure hunt we enter into the community to relate, create, educate and sustain.
”I’m awake, alert, alive and enthusiastic” is the song on our lips that constantly energise our bones and mind to see optimism even in trying moments.

Sometimes relapses show up, yet we brace up every drooping hands, strengthen the feeble knees and bask in loads of fun,
I see Volunteering as an opportunity to inspire change in my fatherland and also a room for self-grooming,
My life is a great bundle of little things,

One of the best things that has happened to me is the frequent schedule of meetings with Lady Wisdom and daily design of my work plan with Madame Insight,
Neither dollars in bank nor fat salaries have been able to pay all their consultation bills, 
They remind me daily that from cradle to the grave and beyond, knowledge is freely distributed in every nook and cranny of our existence.

Whatever you want, find it, buy it, nurture it and Keep CLIMB (Changing Little Into Megabucks) Alive.
Much Love.

4 thoughts on “VSO ICS Volunteerism: A 30-day Journey of Guided Learning.

  1. This is an inspiring account of a highly rewarding experience. Selfless giving pays off, always. How about doing a follow-up post on how one can get involved in VSO-ICS Nigeria and other volunteering opportunities so more people can be encouraged to opt in?


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