LifeLong Learning is Your Right

LifeLong Learning is your rightHow true is it that anyone who stops learning is old, whether 20 or 80 and that anyone who keeps learning stays young?

I recently opened my tweet box as I was 8 hours en route to see my family, as I meditated on my life goals and updated my ‘LessonsLearntToday’ folder, I gave people the opportunity to share the lessons they have learnt that day.

Some of the great people that decided to enter the conversation shared the following:

Brenden Diley, who is an author, life coach and personal trainer said, #LessonsLearntToday: the recipe for happiness is Purpose+Passion+Creative Expression and Love.

Ike Amadi, who loves God passionately and the creator of ‘DoSomethingClub’ relates that #LessonsLearntToday: wealth flows in the direction of wisdom.

Ibukun Olawoyin, who carries the vision of awakening spiritual enlightenment in people, shared his #LessonsLearntToday: it is crucial to know the right thing to do at every point, seek knowledge always.

Chinwendu Oguamanam, who is presently a senior programme officer at Voluntary Service Overseas Nigeria, a youth development advocate and passionate about good and sustainability concluded that her #LessonsLearntToday: team work pays and it brings peak performance than a one-man show.

Shola Ajani, Human Resource consultant and advisor, CEO @hcamgroup explained that his #LessonLearntToday: there are 5 warming signs that your recent promotion is heading for a disaster – Ignore them at your own peril. See

Steve Harris, a 2 time college dropout, now life strategist consultant and international speaker said #LessonsLearntToday: Its important to make use of ‘idle’ time, my flight was delayed for 16200 seconds today.

Philip Amiola, the author of ‘OrderYourLife’, who inspires people to live the God-kind of life said, #LessonsLearntToday: self doubt cripples potentials; boldness liberates it.

Tobi Adedeji, an international preacher, public speaker and mind programmer said #LessonsLearntToday: poverty is not money problem but the inability to generate ideas.

Tony Joy, a change agent, creative thinker and entrepreneur explained her #LessonsLearntToday: there is a difference between official relationship and friendship, draw the line.

Isaac, who believes in a NewNigeria, where everything works said, #LessonsLearntToday: a closed mind kill faster than any poison.

Do you also have #LessonsLearntToday? Then share it with the world in the comment box.

It doesn’t have to be all work, you can recreate to re-create, get accountable for your life and be the best you should and still do more.

Remember to keep CLIMB (Changing Little Into MegaBucks) Alive.
Cheers and much Love.

4 thoughts on “LifeLong Learning is Your Right

  1. Titus, thanks so much for passing by and stamping a note. How beautiful will it be if each of us will learn atleast 1 thing everyday? Thats 3650 new thoughts in 10 years, Not bad! Keep sharing your #LessonsLearntToday


  2. I love all of these comments!!! Add me too, to this daily. I will also love to share on a daily basis as time permits. my twitter handle; @visionDDD


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