Generous Smiles are Urgently Needed

Generous Smiles are Urgently Needed

Generous Smiles are Urgently Needed

Face the soothing sunshine, give out a generous and full smile, get over your anger and pain, let the shadows cast behind.

Know that it takes two people to keep someone in jail, the jailer and the prisoner. The freedom of one is the freedom of the other. It takes two to tangle.

King Herod agreed that he was angry about the birth of a new born baby and wasted the lives of several other babies to get rid of baby Jesus.

Its then your call to listen with your ears and discern with your heart when danger knocks your door, the shortsighted needs a good slap on the face.

Your past mistake is a fact, it can’t be changed in the past, don’t bother hating yourself over it. The future glows with better records to be set.

Its a brand new day, opportunities are lurking around your vicinity, don’t get clouded by news of mishaps and evil headlines.

Step out in faith that the whole world is working in your favour, ask the right questions from the right people. Be glad your ribs aren’t broken nor your thinking faculty shut down.

Your generous smile is urgently needed to heal, comfort and empathize especially in times like this when there is hurt, hate and fear.

Keep CLIMB (Changing Little Into MegaBucks) Alive.
Much Love.

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