Scarcity Creates Value – Japheth J. Omojuwa

Scarcity creates Value - Japheth Omojuwa

Scarcity creates Value – Japheth Omojuwa

‘What you see and know is necessarily not what is there, it’s simply what is in your head’, this sentence came through as Japheth Omojuwa rounded up his presentation on Saturday at His Treasure House, Abuja during the #HTHSocialMediaEntrepreneur event.

Omojuwa, in his easy and simple way, illustrated the limitless possibilities that social media has doled out to the nation which should be cuddled like newborn for making more money, amplifying stupidity/intelligence, networking, building relationships, research etc. He challenged that the human affinity with mobile phones increases day by day and that no one can put asunder to it unless another new phone.

He explained that every person is intelligent at something and thus, has boundless value to offer. He said the principle of selling is the same, the person selling and the product is the only difference. Omojuwa quickly added, ‘Allow people to buy from you, don’t ever sell to them, because selling is all about influence.’

2 Things that will set you high on successful social media journey.

The available is not always the desirable, hence it’s expedient to note that by nature we are interested in the unavailable which is a tool to turn scarcity into value.

Omojuwa explained that it is time to count it all joy when men despise, abuse or praise you on social media, because its an indication of your influence on them. Employing that influence for your success, you need to be;
He said whatever you think we have done with social media today, we have not started.

He added that, 1 + 1 is not always 2, because on twitter for example, if you know how RTs (Retweets) work, you will agree that 1 will chase 1000 and 2 will put 10000 to flight. So commit to your brand first, be strategic and intentional, let people approach to buy rather than you approach them to sell, that way, the negotiation will favour you.

As part of the high points of the event was the sharing of Tips, tweaks and tricks of social media trade by Nnodim RoseBlossom, Zegbua and Bode Peters which were the panelist alongside Omojuwa

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