I Really Don’t Know.

I don’t know, I really don’t know!

The wiggling hand of the wind through the window blind,
The airstream tiptoeing, gathering the dry leaves into a round mass,
Hope continuously knock, but the unmistakable signs of setback colours the lattice,

I feel the sound of the doors cringe, hinged on its frame, opportunities pass me by in the queue,
The plates in hasty kiss shattered into pieces,
The cups in choreography crushed out of the cupboard.

The soup is overcooked, yet undone. I tried, but I still got fired.
When I added more ingredients, the water dried up, the fire went out, the vibe ebbed.
I opened a new page, yet the book recognized my hand, the pen ink was spent.

But His bleeding side has become my healing ride,
His bowel ever yearns to towel down my fears,
The farther I ran away, the dearer He cared in plenty ways,

I was least among men, now I feast among kings,
I lust after rubbish, but the cost of all I lost, He gave double for shame,
Ignorance punished me, truth jumped in and polished me.

Grace made me an ace in the race of life,
The pain in His back was hurtful,
So that the gain in my pack can be graceful.

PS: I see how depressed, repressed and oppressed you’ve been. Today, your breakthrough is closer than you think, the illimitability within you is bursting forth into peak performance. I celebrate your achievements in advance.

Keep CLIMB (Changing Little Into MegaBucks) Alive.

Much Love. Cheers 🙂

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