Think About This A 100-Time Over.

Will you hallow from that hold as aloes thrive in the soil, follow in choral cantata as the cock crows at dawn? Think!

Rather than burst, you can melt lost in His embrace, for oodles of saliva that daily bath your mouth, the gush of air that whet your breath and the ooze of blood flowing in your bones. Think!

The growth of callow hair in your nose, the effortless pooh at midnight, your ‘selfishness’ that get winked at, the batteries that connect your romantic jerks and self-control are all noteworthy. Think!

As sparks of lightning, inspiration sparkle per second; watching the rainbow and blue sky at evening, in the morning brushing as the mirror look you in the face, at board meetings as your leg wander under the table. Think!

When your heart mooch on your couch, allow it! Dust off your dashboard. Simply drag the cord of sense out of the sense-less and press faith out of the faith-less. Think!

Who decides the spread of your thoughts, who serves you with beautiful wallpaper in your dreams, who gathers the cracks and mold it into an edifice? Think!

Every blink of your eyes usher in floodlights of vision, every whisper flowing quietly in ripple. Let your crippled words put on viable garment this week. Think!

Keep CLIMB ( Changing Little Into MegaBucks) Alive.

Cheers 🙂 and Much Love.

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