My Toothpaste Adventure — An Amazing Business Model.

My toothpaste Adventure -- An amazing business model

I guess everyone knows what toothpaste is. Toothpaste — a paste for the tooth. 🙂

My toothpaste has decided to stare me in the face every morning, especially when it gets angry with the toothbrush. So, last week I also decided to give it 1 minute chunk of attention. I was swept of my feet as this toothpaste held my two hands and took me through a stunning model for a for-profit venture.

I know there are 50+ other uses of toothpaste and you might have stumbled on a few such as; using it to remove scratches from your cell phone screens, cleaning carpet stain, polishing silver jewelry to a sparkling taste, removing food odour from your hands, used to tidy up piano keys, to polish a flute or metal instrument and to remove the burnt or brown crust-like coating from electric iron.

I really wanted to know what is so fascinating about me that keep my toothpaste always awestruck at my presence.

My toothpaste opened its mouth at this juncture. Listen up;

‘Fash, there’s a business secret I will like you to cash in on and I need you to jump at this offer as fast as possible. Look at me, do you notice that whenever you push me out my case, it’s usually foolish to try pushing me back?’

True, I answered. I usually waste time and mess up the whole paste trying to push it back.

My toothpaste continued, ‘Fash, do you realize that on average, larger population of the world need, want and use me at least once daily? And when they neglect me, they usually lose the job before they could say their name after a Hello?

Hheeermh, well, I think I will take that. I’ve almost lost a few friends to bad breath!

My Toothpaste kicking like foetus in the womb with a smile ‘Okay, Fash, do you know that I’d to make sure I am needed in all season? Those few times you spilled me too much, you know you rather shared it with the family or friend around rather than waste it?

Yeah, true. You must be watching me so closely. So what is the business model you talked about, I’m pretty getting late for work.

Here is it. Read my Lips…

  • Create an excellent product that answers a simple everyday need and you’ll reap in trucks of profit (including liquid cash).
  • Create an easy-to-use product that even generations to come will be grateful to use.
  • Create a product that is hard to reject. ‘Hard to push back’ like toothpaste. If people ever reject it, it must be that they have loads of it and are in the business of sharing it everywhere.

Think it through and CLIMB (Changing Little Into MegaBucks) will be your every minute melody.

Fash, conclusively, I’m not done with you on this but, I need you to tell me what you can do with this and then we shall take it one step further.

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