#Think2Riches String 2: So Where Are You Now?

If you don’t have a purpose for waking up each morning, sleeping becomes interesting. – Linus Okorie.

Hi friends, it’s good to know that 2015 is 4% done. It’s the 14th day. The remaining 96% is still a long way off, isn’t it?

You are welcome to this week’s #Think2Riches – a weekly string that helps you to live rightly through wise thinking.

As I prepared to write today’s #Think2Riches string, I remembered the beautiful chat I had with a dear friend just two days ago, it was like we never spoke in 3 straight years. As the chat progressed, at several junctures, I kept asking, ‘Fash, where are you?’, ‘Fash, where have you been?’ As we related different events with each other, we realized how much we had been caught off grounds in our friendship enclave.

Friends, let me ask you, Where are you right now?

At the movies, on the toilet cover, on your kindle, commuting—your buttocks servicing the seat of your car, hanging in the air or in some acrobatic positions?

Hey, this is not about your physical location, alright. I am asking about where your REAL YOU is? Yeah, your heart, your essence!

Is your heart limping in a nearby forest, hunting for some succulent bush meat? Ahahaha. Are you dreaming of some New York’s Jacques Torres Chocolate or waiting to see ‘Paris and die’? Is your heart rehearsing the poems that will woo that young lady into giving you an emphatic YES?

Okay, this week, I will like to ask you were YOU are in just 2 zones. Let’s read ahead and #Think2Riches very quickly…


Now, how are you flourishing spiritually? Do you regularly connect with your divine nature? Does it matter if you keep all the rules, don’t use any swear word, attend all the service meetings yet secretly get your erections active with those soft porn or worry all night, your heart gets faint and yet you thrust aside your creator who is crazily in love with you?

God asked Adam, ‘where are you’? The same man God strolled with and had barbecue banquet with the previous evening. Adam, ‘where is your heart, how did you move, shift and fall from throne into thrash’?

Friend, why do you doze off so quickly too when you read and study God’s word? Come to think of it, there is no deadline. Isn’t it? Nobody flogs you if you don’t pray in a decade. Why pray, when you can worry?

If all the sermons you’ve heard haven’t replicated into some tangibles riches and created more thirst for the intangibles—insight, ideas and awareness, hey, where are YOU? Where have you been?

  • Where Are YOU In Your RELATIONSHIPS?

Relationship is far more than getting the right people into your ship. Where do you put each of them inside the ship is another question? Where are your propellers and the cockpits? I hope you won’t put your child in the stern (back part) while the loads seat comfortably in the cushion.

Where are you right now in your relationship with yourself? Do YOU chat with YOU often enough? How many times do take yourself out to dazzle the streets of gold? Do you often psyche yourself up to do your best by filling your minds and meditating on things true, noble, reputable, authentic, compelling, gracious–the best, not the worst; the beautiful, not the ugly; things to praise, not things to curse? Do You love You at all?

Waiting for that dude to take you out on a date and you buzzed him, ‘hello, where are you?’ and he stammers, ‘hmmm…hmmm.. I’m at…’ My dear friend, if you are sure of where YOU are, go ahead, have some fun, give yourself a remarkable treat. Will you please Love YOU some more?

Why should you choose to be hurt and allow your heart split in many directions because your dad doesn’t bother if you exist or your ex won the Vodacom $10 million jackpot last week?

Where will you be when your wife cries herself to sleep? Will you be close enough to be reached? Where will you be when your friend is passing out on the hospital bed? Where will you be when injustice slaps the face of the poor and dearth kiss a generation? Will the LOVE in YOU glitter as billion galaxies in the sky?

My friend, please find YOU, then find others, so we’ll have the brightest world to live in.

Cheers and Much Love.

P.S: With this, I welcome you to String 2 of #Think2Riches, a 50-week project that will drive you into right living through wise thinking. Keep tabs every Wednesday.

You’re Limitless!

© Fasoranti Damilola.

Life Strategist…inspiring illimitabilty!

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