Think2Riches String 11: 5 Powerful Reasons Why Sharing Can Turn Your World Around.

I think when we are not stingy with the world, cool things happen. – Jeff Goins

Hey there, welcome to #Think2Riches – a weekly string that helps you to live rightly through wise thinking.

This week, I want us to share about the ‘power of sharing’ and how you can use it to positively change your life.

It is just amazing to know that it is more blessed to give than to receive. This year, I have decided to give out my knowledge, skills, expertise and share as much as I can. In less than 3 months into 2015, I have done amazing things that I normally do in 12 months.

It is often said that you should never eat alone, yes! It applies to many facets of our lives. What do you have to share, how can you share it and what happens when you share?

Let us quickly look at 5 powerful insights into sharing that I discovered recently.

1. Sharing to make a difference in other people’s life makes a difference in your life

The little energy, time and resource you share people speak volumes about your love life. Many boys think they can’t lend a helping hand in the kitchen. Some women detest the help. You can give your lunch out to a hungry soul or share your lunch time to encourage the weak.

2. Sharing more than you expect to receive brings abundance to you.

You must learn how to plant good seeds in the lives of people. This is one of the biggest investments in your future. We may not remember your name, but we will remember your acts. The more you share, the more you will have to share, the more you should share.

3. Connecting is based on generosity.

For offline or online networking, generosity is key. Let us know you a diligent forager. Share your thrilling reads, tweet opportunities, dole out benefits. Let your wall ooze savour. You can inspire others with quotes, staying in touch, reaching out. Share your discoveries. Scatter your seeds without discrimination; share a good idea long enough, it will fall on good people. Congratulate people when they achieve a milestone, clink glasses for birthdays and anniversaries.

4. Sharing builds your authority and credibility.

The more you pour out values, people tend to cling to your goodness and you become the go-to guru. While it is important to listen and ask questions, it is crucial that you also contribute meaningfully.

5. Sharing unloads your gun for fresh bullets.

Yeah, we all know about the ripple effect—a spreading series of effects caused by a single event. For every new thing you learn that you teach, you are three times wiser. Go for a housekeeping tour; share your wedding gifts lying fallow in the wardrobes.

We will look more closely into this in the next #Think2Riches String.

Go to the comment box  now and tell me how sharing has had positive influence in your life.

Cheers and Much Love.

P.S: Thanks for joining me on String 10 of #Think2Riches, a 50-week project that will drive you into right living through wise thinking. Keep tabs every Wednesday.

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