Think2Riches String 12: Sharing That Always Bring Maximum Results.

The best people and places to share yourself with is where they are most thirsty for what you have. – Fasoranti Damilola.

Hi friends, this is the last week in the first quarter of 2015 and I am so excited to have you here.

I trust that you’re doing good, getting better and scaling very fast to the zenith. Great! Welcome to #Think2Riches

We had a very great the last time looking at how the power of SHARING can turn our world around. I will like us to cement that power of sharing with a few more thoughts today. Let’s roll.

Sharing is just so evident in everything we do, daily. But, we aren’t too aware. Until you channel your skill, expertise and results towards more solutions, your wealth flow will be sluggish.

For instance, the driver simply shares his time and expertise with the boss in exchange for salaries. Isn’t it? The boss shares his expertise, knowledge and strategies with the staff for business growth.

Likewise, you share a tweet, type a blog post, share a picture and it inspires someone faraway into action. You know specialist gossip-mongers who break 2 legs of a 3-leged friendship. They crush honesty and embrace discord.

Some love to share unforgiveness, so they never progressed. The cord of revenge tied their leg to a spot. Aahahahha

Dear Friend, let me blow off the heat with gentle feathers. Come and learn the power of sharing.

If your seed looks so good and small, don’t fret. Where and how you sow it is very important. Whatever business you do, your worth is measured by the flows of the good seeds you consistently share.

There will be time when the beauty of your dream seems austere. Keep sharing the good seed! There will be times when the sea will roar, the storm may beat. Keep sharing your good seed.

Many hands will poke your eye; some will tear down your eloquence. Keep sharing your good seed. Some may reject your love, laugh at your gifts or incite your anger. Keep sharing your good seed.

If you can only keep your hand on deck, keep building, digging, creating and sharing, stars will come flocking. If you continue to press and push; seek, knock and ask, productivity will soon overwhelm you.

Your good seed will make room for you soon, floodgates will freely open soon and the glass of joy will clink. Your success and exploits are right on your inside; from within you shall flow rivers of living water. Share your goodness.

Inside you are the programs, articles, solutions, products, innovations that will change the word. Share your goodness. There are loads of stuffs in your hand, mind, mouth and heart to share, to share and to share.

Keep sharing your good seed. You are closer to the resources and breakthrough. The world awaits you.

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Thank you so much for joining me on today. I celebrate your exploit in advance.

Go all out and do your very best, speak the best, write the best and mingle with the best.

Cheers and Much Love.

P.S: Thanks for joining me on String 12 of #Think2Riches, a 50-week project that will drive you into right living through wise thinking. Keep tabs every Wednesday.

You’re Limitless!

© Fasoranti Damilola.

Life Strategist…helping you to transform your limitless potentials into maximum benefits.



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