#Think2Riches String 18: 5 Strategic Things I Do In The Toilet Every day.

Things I Do In The Toilet Every dayHi friends and welcome to another edition of #Think2Riches string. I am very excited to continue these strings after a few weeks off.

Restroom is an amazing place, no doubt! Yesterday, as I ‘rested in one of such room’, I figured out that I spend approximately 109500 seconds every year in the toilet. Then, I took a quick stock of how I invest my time and I came up with 5 strategic things I do as explained below:

  1. I Think: Do you need a restroom to deeply reflect? Absolutely! As those molds of fertile balls roll into the toilet pots, the fresh ideas hug the peace that comes with that release. I find myself in harmony with the power that makes all the digestion and egestion work. Free up your nerves, think!
  2. I Write: Sometimes, the rush of inspirations require that I instantly give flesh to them. My fingers respond on paper to the questions in my head. My phone is sometimes handy to do this secretarial job. I have written more than 1000 words in the last 6 months on that seat cover. Give it a try, just write anything.
  3. I Read: Ah, I enjoy this till tomorrow. From inspirational to spiritual to political, I feel so excited at the rate of my comprehension digesting these texts. I have read many magazines, newsletters and in fact half of a book by investing the time on the toilet seat. I also take some time to re-read my text messages or e-mails. Hey, position properly and #read2riches.
  4. I Call: Inadvertently, I miss several calls and this is pretty much of a time to scroll through missed calls to text back or make a quick call back. It has been very effective way of reaching out without struggle. Don’t worry about the smell of your feces, it’s yours after all. Try out one of such calls and remember to give us a feedback.
  5. I Plan: I feel disorganized sometimes; 5 minutes in the restroom can be so magical in putting the right peg in the best hole. I tried this at a time I needed to do a performance; I felt so tensed and pressed, so going to the loo was a good opportunity to discharge the balls and the negative energy. I came on stage with a succinct and accurate plan to deliver.

There are many other things I have tried out that worked perfectly; I will continue to explore other possibilities.

To #Think2Riches, you need to learn how to throw yourself out of the box, get your brains to kiss the mighty hand of God, swallow your pride and invest your time correctly.

In the comment box, feel free to also share what you do in the toilet. 🙂

P.S: Thanks for joining me on String 18 of #Think2Riches, a 50-week project that will drive you into right living through wise thinking.

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