My Major Problem With Disabled People After 20 Years Of Experience

Caution: You may need to read this piece very slowly before you punch me in the nose. Thank you.My problem with disabled peopleWelcome to another edition of think2Riches, this is string 21.

Friends, you may not understand how hard it has been for me living with disabled people for more than 20 years now. You know, there are ugly part of our lives that is too difficult to share with the public.

Today, I feel that sharing one of such will bring solace and freedom; perhaps it can also help someone else struggling to keep moving.

‘Help me do this’, give me that’ can be so annoying many times. ‘Give me this, ‘help me do that’ have been one of such minor headaches for me.

‘Can’t these guys just try to do one thing by themselves, Eeh?’ Often, I ask this question in the silence of my heart so as not to offend these disabled folks.

Sincerely friends, for 2 decades+, I must say it’s been burdensome. From help me to switch on the fan, to help me cook some food, to open the door for me, to carry me on your back, to please help me bring my laptop; it’s been from one odd job to the other.

The irony is that, these disabled folks all have hands, legs, eyes, ears, heart, brain and you can add more to this list. My major problem with them is that they call some other people disabled.

My disabled folks ask for money and gifts too, they daily ask for help more than 15 times, they beg God for many things; they have ears but never listen, they have eyes, but stumble blindly…shhh…

Because some of them snore at midnight, so they label someone else as mute, they never admit that they are blind because they can clearly see from one continent to another city coast. They can hear distinct voices of 100 people at the same time, so they tag some people as deaf.

They have quickly forgotten that no man wakes up for the wrong reasons, neither can we display all our limitless abilities in just 1 minute nor in 10 years. There is too many ability in what we all call disability.

My problem with disabled people will disappear when we begin to engage everyman (teacher to student, Government to citizens, parents to children, employer to employee) with a focus on their asset, goodness, abilities rather than needs, problems and awkwardness.

Yes, we all have disabilities, but who builds on broken when there are beautiful gifts to build on?

After all, nobody writes “I am disabled” in their CV.

Read this insightful post by Lisa Egan, I’m Not A “Person With a Disabiity”: I’m a Disabled Person.

Ever heard of Hannah Cockroft?

Aren’t You Limitless?

Friend, jump into the comment box and scream how limitless you are…


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