#Think2Riches String 19: How To Pop Your Collar Without Being Proud.

Pop Your CollarWill you fly your collar at board meetings and others will not question your sanity?

Or at a formal TED Talk Conference, you will look strange, right?

Welcome to another opportunity to #Think2Riches and pop your collar.

Friends, many of us need to learn how to ‘fly our collar’, even at board meetings, enough of jumping from here to there and posts to places adding little or no value to other people’s lives.

We have watched for too long and things are getting over our head. When are you going to make the world glitter with those awesome sparks bundled in you? Now or Never?

For people that use the internet, there is at least 3 things we have in common.

  1. We all have a device
  2. A network and
  3. YOU (or something) behind the gadgets.

We also have uncommon things online.

  1. Why we are online
  2. When we are online
  3. Where we access from
  4. Thought pattern, perspectives, knowledge and wisdom.

The common things aren’t my line of discourse for today, but the uncommon things.

  • Why are you online? In 2 minutes, can you give a specific reason why you use the social media platforms you are subscribed to? No wonder you get caught up on social media all day.
  • When are you online? Except all your life depends on the internet, then it is okay to stay in there all day. Otherwise, you can help yourself using scheduling or automation tools like IFTTT, hootsuite, buffer, feedly and so on, to keep up your online activities.
  • Where we access from? Understanding time differences helps you to schedule correctly. Some have stable networks, some don’t. Learn more about how your clients and friends access the internet and create your activities for easy access.
  • Thought pattern: What makes a good story? Journalist will admit that ‘good’ is determined by the readers. What is beautiful to you may be the most ugly to others. This uncommon thing is what makes all the difference in our lives.

Whatever you want to be known for online, be it fun, inspiration, jokes, design, cake making, troublesome etc, learn more about it each day.

If you have an online presence plan, discipline yourself to follow through.

What is the essence of owning a sophisticated device, which doesn’t detect phoney tales online better than a cheap smart phone?

What are you doing with your phone? Listen to songs, read PDFs, chat, play games, read news, gossip, stalk people etc. Can you do more than that?

You can master the use of your chatting opportunities to brush up on your diction, using it to develop power conversations.

See, more than ever, a lot of success today closely depends on communication, be it in marriage, at work, in business etc. Use this goldmine in your hand, baby.

Use the chat streams to write stories that will sell, use it to network beyond your horizon. Curate your thoughts and send it to publishing houses. In fact, several journalists await your beautiful stories.

You are a tweet away to all the resources you need. One new word, one new friend, one new … can change your life forever.

If you sell anything and you’ve never talked about it online, I take it that you hate to have too much customers, because you have enough! Hey, it isn’t about just opening a facebook page or a twitter account. It’s about learning the ropes of engaging people.

If you subscribe for internet, yet don’t use it in 10 days, please send that resource to charity centers from next month. Yipee!

Push yourself out. Pop your collar, you are not proud. It’s your show. It’s your phone, this is your wall, paint it beautifully. Don’t wait till your lovely insights die within you. Push it Out! Step out and #Think2Riches

P.S: Thanks for joining me on String 19 of #Think2Riches, a 50-week project that will drive you into right living through wise thinking.

You’re Limitless!

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#Think2Riches String 18: 5 Strategic Things I Do In The Toilet Every day.

Things I Do In The Toilet Every dayHi friends and welcome to another edition of #Think2Riches string. I am very excited to continue these strings after a few weeks off.

Restroom is an amazing place, no doubt! Yesterday, as I ‘rested in one of such room’, I figured out that I spend approximately 109500 seconds every year in the toilet. Then, I took a quick stock of how I invest my time and I came up with 5 strategic things I do as explained below:

  1. I Think: Do you need a restroom to deeply reflect? Absolutely! As those molds of fertile balls roll into the toilet pots, the fresh ideas hug the peace that comes with that release. I find myself in harmony with the power that makes all the digestion and egestion work. Free up your nerves, think!
  2. I Write: Sometimes, the rush of inspirations require that I instantly give flesh to them. My fingers respond on paper to the questions in my head. My phone is sometimes handy to do this secretarial job. I have written more than 1000 words in the last 6 months on that seat cover. Give it a try, just write anything.
  3. I Read: Ah, I enjoy this till tomorrow. From inspirational to spiritual to political, I feel so excited at the rate of my comprehension digesting these texts. I have read many magazines, newsletters and in fact half of a book by investing the time on the toilet seat. I also take some time to re-read my text messages or e-mails. Hey, position properly and #read2riches.
  4. I Call: Inadvertently, I miss several calls and this is pretty much of a time to scroll through missed calls to text back or make a quick call back. It has been very effective way of reaching out without struggle. Don’t worry about the smell of your feces, it’s yours after all. Try out one of such calls and remember to give us a feedback.
  5. I Plan: I feel disorganized sometimes; 5 minutes in the restroom can be so magical in putting the right peg in the best hole. I tried this at a time I needed to do a performance; I felt so tensed and pressed, so going to the loo was a good opportunity to discharge the balls and the negative energy. I came on stage with a succinct and accurate plan to deliver.

There are many other things I have tried out that worked perfectly; I will continue to explore other possibilities.

To #Think2Riches, you need to learn how to throw yourself out of the box, get your brains to kiss the mighty hand of God, swallow your pride and invest your time correctly.

In the comment box, feel free to also share what you do in the toilet. 🙂

P.S: Thanks for joining me on String 18 of #Think2Riches, a 50-week project that will drive you into right living through wise thinking.

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#Think2Riches String 17: How To Die Faster Killing Your Competitors.

Die Faster Killing Your CompetitorsHello friends and welcome to another mind-blowing #Think2Riches session. This wall always smile whenever you come riding on it.

‘Life is a competition’, I have heard this countless times but I can’t ascertain how valid this statement is. Again, I am aware that life as it is comes neutral. It only engages the substance we put into it. Life accommodates and tolerates.

If my boss doesn’t get demoted, promotion isn’t assured. If someone doesn’t die, the new born will starve. Really? If business H. thrives down the street, it becomes a hassle for our business to blossom. We must put in a stifling strategy to tear them down. What a sickening thought!

You must outrun your opponent in the Olympics to win the gold medal; you must get higher grades than your neighbour’s son to clear all the prizes.Then, you are successful! We can’t do without this necessary enemy called competition. Isn’t it wise to kick others around like an old tin just to survive? Survival of the fittest, you know! The king of the jungles kills and scares every insect. It’s hard. We need to know who is the most intelligent, apt and above par.

I grew up to the reality that for you to win, others might have to lose. Being a champion is cool. A rock star!

Life doesn’t discriminate; it gives rain both to the humbly bad and the pretty good. Life tells sunshine to smile both on assassins and the saint. But, the soil can refuse seeds invested wrongly. The air might not dry up cloths if it feels like being humid all day long. So how does life make its decisions? Luckily, we make most of the decisions for life to follow. After all, it rarely struggles; it will follow even our weakest voice.

You compiled a long list of mean things about your competitors, brooding over it; you completely forget to work in your project. Sometimes, we hold our competitors responsible for our slow development. Isn’t that insane? You hobble others to halt their progress. You watch every move they make, and brand them as a dangerous character. Little wonder, dangerous things happen to you. Like attracts like.

Like something rotten, human life fast decomposes, like a moth-eaten shirt or a mildewed blouse. Life isn’t forever, it can be short or long, it can be super-fast or slow in tempo.

The thoughts we engage our mind in germinates faster that maize in the soil. The thoughts of tearing others down makes us tear ourselves down. The inferior thought of wanting to kill other people’s enterprise to own the market is shameful. Collaborate instead!

So, rather than put out a rip-up strategy, learn to build communities that flourish together. Live and let live.

P.S: Thanks for joining me on String 17 of #Think2Riches, a 50-week project that will drive you into right living through wise thinking. Keep tabs.

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#Think2Riches String 16: Weaned To Serve.

Hi friends and it is such a great day today like every other day.

For a while, I have watched closely the serene lives of babies and little kids. They have an enchanting and peaceful lifestyle and many times I envy them. Smiles…

Sometimes, I feel I should become a child again, some other time, with the future in focus, I chose to press on swiftly. Great!

The unperturbed poise of these young lads is so interesting–their action at the sight of mother’s breast to the leap of joy at daddy’s tickle is so amazing.

One striking thing is this: we all give birth to have births!

Births! Yes. The time is fast approaching when we’ll all be gone, so leaving our scent and heart behind is of utmost importance. Posterity is holding on to our sleeves.

Training a child come with care, discipline and resources. For anything worthwhile, be it in business, relationship, career and so on, these qualities are essential.

The mother stops feeding the baby with breast milk at some point, not for hatred sake, but for full development and transition to maturity.

To think to riches, it is crucial that we feed on more to have more. We ought to feed on better to become better. The equation isn’t so straightforward. It can sometimes be bumpy. Please enjoy the ride.

The breast milk is sweet and nourishing, but the meat is rich and stretching. It’s time we went for the stretch rather than stench of comfort.

Just as the baby is fed with real food to be energized, to grow and be whole, likewise, we must awake, get up and start moving. The baby soon becomes a teenager filled with responsibilities, running errands and serving others. The teenager soon becomes an adult having dependents and helping others live better lives. Birth must beget birth.

Don’t despise the milk time, be more careful about what you’re about to build on the milk. Don’t feel worse working and your salary is far from your worth. Are you improving within? Are you getting fired up for the next big opportunity?

Think To Riches, my friend.

P.S: Thanks for joining me on String 16 of #Think2Riches, a 50-week project that will drive you into right living through wise thinking. Keep tabs every Wednesday.

You’re Limitless!

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#Think2Riches String 15: The Unexplored Riches On Social Media

Savour all the sizzling tweets from #Think2Riches String 15 below;

12. Today, offline influencers are strolling the social media street, you’d better get your seat reservations when they talk on social media. Listen! #Think2Riches