4 Simple Things That Will Help You To Stop Comparing Yourself To Others.

“Avoid the comparison trap. There is no one on the planet quite like YOU!” – Kathleen Hassan

Hello and welcome to another edition of #Think2Riches. This is string 20.

Have you ever been caught up in those moments when you constantly compare yourself or work with someone else and their work?

Think2Riches String 20 - Stop Compairing Yourself To others1

For hours, you worry  and compare others’ jobs, relationship, family, make-up, speaking prowess, big muscles and so on with yours.

You know it’s a shoddy habit, but unconsciously it has become so easy for you to fall into the trap just like complaining.

So, how can you practically trade off this habit to get ahead in your personal life?

I will share 4 simple things I do to get hold of this habit and enjoy the best of everyday.

  1. Evaluate yourself with yourself

This may sound very hard especially when you have some categories of people you refer to as your mate.

Hey, your mate isn’t your equal in any way and will never be.

Until I learnt how to write out my plan and continuously check out my progress, it was easy to compare myself with other people’s progress.

This simple exercise will infuse in you the habit of gratitude and likeness to who you are. It will help you to be aware that you are ahead of where you used to be in the past. You will realize that you have leaped over several challenges and on your way to more victory.

  1. Appreciate other people genuinely

Rather than get negatively jealous over people’s achievement, celebrate with them. Look at the beautiful side of their life and shout it loud in their ears.

It is easier to find out the wrong thing in people, how they hurt us, how they never fulfill their promise, how they didn’t visit or call us.

It is hard to see the goodness in people without a conscious mindset shift.

Say to people genuinely how beautiful they are, how excellent their work is, how interesting it is to speak to them. In fact, you can easily do that over a telephone chat.

  1. Take comparing as an Illusion

Whenever I wanted to feel good about what I have, it is easy to say ‘Oh, I have a better shoe than this guy’, a few minutes to that time, I will find someone else’s shoe far better than mine. Then, it will trash my self-esteem really badly.

Our basis of measure is usually subjective and thus not very accurate. Others’ perspective about measure is always different from ours. Don’t kill yourself what others can’t see. Be content with the beauty in your life.

  1. You Aren’t 1 in a Billion

Elementary science confirms that a male sperm and a female egg make the baby. No exactly!

Another level of thought that will help you is to be aware that you are not 1 in 1000000, but you are 1 in a limitless generation. Ah… think about that often.

Hey fash, it is so hard not to compare, there is a wire in my brain that won’t just stop doing it and after all, there is competition everywhere. Friend, in reality, it is about your mindset. #Think2Riches.

In the comment box below, what have you tried that worked?

Do you think there might be some positive and juicy thing about comparing yourself with others? Go ahead, write it in the comment box.

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