When I Didn’t Score A Single Goal, I Digged Up the Goal Posts And Pulled It Closer.

We make goals to make our eyes shine. If it happens, great! If it doesn’t, say ‘Oh, how fascinating’ – Benjamin Zander

How to achieve your goals

Watch movies, pay visit to friends and family, travel the world, nurture the environment, use the social media, write the business plans, reach more people, and feed the world… I want to do all of these and more, so I feel overwhelmed!

I have loads of things I desire to achieve, but failed! The goals wouldn’t work.

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While I played as an amateur footballer, I used to wonder why it’s just so hard to score a single goal.

At a time, I asked, ‘why are these goal posts too far away?’ At another time, I submitted that the goalkeepers were too professional.

So, I gave up on playing football and decided to look for a solution to scoring goals in my personal life. Good to know, I found a few tips that worked amazingly.

I will share three major tips very quickly. Let’s set the ball rolling.

When your ‘goal posts’ are too far apart, consider trying out these 3 options

  1. Do Nothing

What? Do nothing?

Yes please, give yourself a break. Relax, let go of all the goals for now. Hmm… this is one of the hard parts for me especially when I think of all the things I need to achieve.

But, hey, put your mind at rest. The idea of killing yourself over the future is detrimental. Learn to smell the roses. It is better you work with a peaceful mind than struggle with confused speed.

Every week I make sure I pay all the debts of my sleepless nights. It helps my creativity and energy to be refreshed.

What You Can Do Practically:

  • Switch off completely from everything, sleep.
  • Do nothing.
  1. Dig up the posts and move it closer to each other

At the beginning of the year, with a beautiful pen and notepads, I scribble what I desire to achieve. It has become a habit in the last 3 years.

Then, each month, week and day, I slice the huge goal into bits and doable pieces. After each day, I mark and appreciate myself for a work well done.

In the last 8 months, though with 9 am to 5 pm work, I couldn’t believe I’d written up to 150 new creative posts in my archive and published up to 90 posts on various media platforms.

What You Can Do Practically:

  • Get rid of distractions; put the phones away, focus for every 30 minutes for a start
  • Keep the goals handy. Attach it to your phone’s wallpaper; write it on a sticky note on your desk or laptop.
  • Read it often and move ahead, do it now. Don’t become a professional procrastinator.
  1. Shoot the ball with more tenacity (by buying an extra leg)

When I was in high school, I’d a friend that played the football so well. I sometimes wished I could buy his leg, just to score some goals. It never happened!

In my personal goals, I decide to push myself beyond my comfort zone. Scoring goals takes practice and a lot of discipline. Professional footballers can write an essay on that.

If you can’t buy a second leg, buy some energy booster for the legs you have. Yeah, our mothers had to do extra work to clean our mess when we were babies.

Your life is your small baby, nourish it, be committed and get to work!

What you can do practically:

  • Let your SMART goals be really Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Time-bound.
  • Be in the company of people that achieve their goals.
  • Rather than complain on how hard it is, get your hands dirty and invest in learning how things work.
  • Alter your regular approach sometimes. Try out new things.

While I am on the journey of trying out more ways to get my goals into the net, tell me in the comment box;

What strategies have worked for you so far?



Faniyan MoyinoluwalogoEven as my dear* friend, Faniyan Moyinoluwalogo Mercy, remembers her last days as a Serving Corper and her exit from Oyo state, Nigeria. She could vividly remember the sermon preached by a respected man of God on her last Sunday there. It was really the word she needed at that time and she gladly shares it here with all of us.

Faniyan Speaks: The following are life lessons that I know that anyone that wants to succeed in life should be aware of;

1. Discipline of Faith: the scripture emphasizes that what we hear plays an important role in our faith life. (Romans 10:17). The discipline of faith involves:

(a) absolute trust in God (2Cor.9:8)

(b) the faithfulness of God to bless the works of our hands.

(c) the desire of God for men to come to a place where men can live beyond their consumption.

(d) the Lord taking care of you even in your non-working years, Even when you are not in production, God has made provisions for you beyond your earnings. Although this is not a license for laziness.

2. Discipline of Saving: A nation should be savings conscious (Prov.21:20), that is, preservation consciousness. Whatsoever you have, learn to always save out of it, as you know that money has wings and it can fly. Every man should have some knowledge of financial intelligence.

3. Discipline of Contentment: the ability to look and say I’m not there yet but, I will soon be there (Philippians 4:11-13). Learning to WAIT for things to come at the right time. Be content with where you are on the way to where you are going because when you reach where you are going, you will always miss where you were (1 Timothy 6:6-7)

4. Discipline of Work: WORK! WORK!! WORK!!! This cannot but be over emphasized (Prov. 10:4). The first choice option of any great man should not be to beg but to work. Diligence, hardwork and consistency should be the watchword of a potentially great man.

5. Discipline of Rest: As much as work is very important, rest is equally of great importance. Don’t take LEAVE from work to WORK, take it to REST. After God worked for six days, He rested on the seventh day. Allow the body to repair itself, it is self-built to repair but that’s only possible if you rest well.

6. Discipline of Worship: Worship is an integral part of the life of a man, when you miss worship, you miss an integral part of your life. All directions come from the altar. The altar is the place of worship, where you die daily to the flesh, where you obtain strength, instructions and guidance. Also Learn to worship God at every seasons of your life. This is because the God of the mountain times is still the God of the valley times. Ecclesiastes 12:1 ‘Honour and enjoy your creator while you are still young, before the years take their toll and your vigour wanes’

7. Discipline of Giving: For you to have abundance in your cottage, ALWAYS GIVE. Know that as long as the heaven and earth exist, seed-time and harvest will never cease. Apply these disciplines and your success is assured.

Always Keep CLIMB (Changing Little Into MegaBucks) Alive.

Have a terrific week ahead. Cheers 🙂 and much Love.